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Do-It-Yourself Sun Control is committed to bringing high quality LlumarĀ® window film to the home, office & storefront do-it-yourself consumer. Glass tinting is our business and we offer the proper advice, instructions and installation tools to perform a low-cost professional grade installation. The purpose of this website is to educate you about different window films and to choose the proper product for your application. After you are comfortable with your window film selection and have received the free samples, just go to our Store to purchase what you need for the project.

These products are NOT for automotive applications. Our shipping cost are for North America only. All others contact us.

Window Films are used for a variety of reasons:
* control heat, glare, UV rays
* fade protection
* low-e heat retention film
* safety films
* privacy coatings
* decorative coatings
* anti-graffiti
* etc....


DIY Sun Control will pre-cut your window film and ship it directly to your front door with everything you need to achieve a professional looking installation and the confidence of a product that has a reputation for longevity.

Browse through our Window Tinting section to assure you understand everything involved in this process, and then go to our store to purchase the benefits of quality window film. Be sure to check out the  tools section after reading over the installation instructions and photos & hints pages to see what you will need for the job. If you are ready to purchase, then Go to the store here but make sure you understand how to order this product. Click here to answer a short questionnaire and we will recommend a solution for your specific purpose.

Helps reduce:

*Excessive heat gain *Energy bills
*Unwanted glare *Heat loss
*Fading of interiors *Flying Glass

We also offer a range of skylight covers in different colors to give you a variety of choices for your solar control situation.

Only Buy What You Need To Film Your Windows!!
We pre-cut the film to
your specifications.

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We will recommend a window film for your situation if you answer a short questionnaire by clicking here.

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For questions about window tinting, click on the Ask a Tinter link or Film Selection Questionnaire.

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